The Coach’s Tips on Addiction

“Addiction is a family disease. [And] having a loved one who is suffering with an addiction is hard. [In fact], regardless of where you come from, how much money you make or what you have achieved in life, it’s one of the hardest things you will ever face.”

So says Coach Howard Schnellenberger in a recent edition of the Sun-Sentinel. And the coach should know. “Two of [his] sons, Stephen and Timothy, spent years struggling with the disease of addiction.”

The Coach’s Opinion piece, entitled “What I learned about addiction,” was written on behalf of him and his wife, Beverlee, respective patriarch and matriarch behind the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. The coach also says he learned as much about addiction as he did about recovery. And he’s eager to share his newfound knowledge with others who are struggling with both.

Here are some of the coach’s tips on addiction — and recovery:

  • An addict’s chances at long-term recovery are proportional to the family’s investment in their own mental healing.
  • Accept that there will be conflict during the process.
  • Know the difference between enabling and loving.
  • Understand that it’s neither your fault nor the addict’s fault that he/she is addicted to drugs/alcohol.
  • Forgiveness is tough. Of and for everyone involved.
  • In addition to his tips on addiction, the coach also revealed the reason behind the Schnellenberger Family Foundation.

    “At the end of the day, Beverlee and I are just a proud mom and dad wanting to be a part of something bigger,” writes Coach Schnellenberger. “That is why, with the help of our son, Timothy, we have started the Schnellenberger Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that financially and emotionally provides for the families of those individuals in drug and alcohol treatment.”

    Tim, of course, is the founder of Healing Properties sober living facility and Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida. Together the two have helped more than 5,000 men achieve sobriety.

    “We know getting sober works, provided you go to the right treatment center,” writes the coach. Ever assuring everyone that go Tim’s achievements haven’t gotten lost by his family. And that those achievements can be applied to every more families to come.

    “We want addicts to have that opportunity and for their families to know they are safe,” said Coach Howard, in closing. And we want our foundation to “bring hope, peace and support to those who need it.”

    You can read Coach Schnellenberger’s elaborated tips on addiction here.

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