Grace in Addiction Recovery

grace in addiction recovery

This is fantastic! The American Heritage School’s Lyceum Philharmonic teamed up with The Other Side Academy to make a video — and a point — about substance abuse and second chances. The point? That there can be grace in addiction recovery. In fact, there can be Amazing Grace.

And there needs to be too. Indeed, too many times too many addicts suffer from the stigma of addiction and therefore don’t receive the grace they need to succeed in sobriety. They too often don’t receive the understanding either.

As Kayson Brown writes in The Deseret News:

“To the part of you that occasionally cries ‘The only one who can help the addict is the addict’ or ‘Addicts make their decisions and they can suffer the consequences,’ the students and educators involved in making this message have this to say: Grace is about receiving the unearned, unmerited help we desperately need but [might] not deserve.”

“Providing that grace to one in need is one of the most divine services we can provide and makes our reception of the same all the more amazing,” she continues.

And the tag-team’s music video is most decidedly all the more amazing. The clip tells the story of Lola Zagey, whose trajectory follows many of those suffering from addiction. See, 20 years ago, Lola was prescribed opioids after a kidney replacement surgery. That pain pill prescription was all it took to send Lola into the all-too familiar spiral of addiction, deceit and incarceration. Lola, however, is one of the lucky ones — she survived.

In fact, Lola not only survived, she thrived. She’s now clean. Now sober. And now helping addicts and ex-convicts just like her get clean and sober too. And her transformation is all because of the Academy called The Other Side.

Okay, so maybe some creative judicial moves preceded Lola’s transformation. See, many students of The Other Side come to the Academy as an alternative to incarceration. And her story proves the efficacy of such alternative sentencing, as well as what comes about at The Other Side.

Continues Brown:

“As the “Amazing Grace” video shows, providing purpose and connection is a huge part of the rehabilitation process that helped Lola transition from a desperate student to inspiring leader. Students connect to each other, reconnect to society and learn to connect with a better version of themselves.”

That sort of alternative sentencing is itself an act of grace in addiction recovery. Grace, of course, that would pretty much be futile without such places as The Other Side Academy. Together though, as the Lyceum Philharmonic so reverently illustrates, there can even be amazing grace in addiction recovery.

We at The Schnellenberger Family Foundation would like to applaud all involved in shedding light on the need for grace in addiction recovery. That includes the duly acclaimed Lyceum Philharmonic, the truly essential Other Side Academy and the resolutely inspiring Lola Zagey. We’d also like to applaud those folks for spreading such amazing grace themselves. May their efforts bring about ever more grace for those recovering from addiction.

Amazing Grace in Addiction Recovery

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