Guitars help family honor son lost to addiction, support those in recovery

“The day of his birth (Nov. 15, 1984), the day of his death (May 1, 2014), Mother’s Day and each of the other 362 days of the year — that’s how often Cindy Blom thinks about her firstborn and only son, Erik Lee Blom.

“On May 1 it had been four years since Erik’s death,” Blom said. “How do you celebrate an anniversary like that?”

You don’t. You can’t. And you won’t. Ever.

You can, however, honor the memory of a lost loved one. And you can help to keep others from having to suffer the horror of such a loss.

That’s what the Bloms are doing. Upon Erik’s death, his family decided to take Erik’s story and use it to help others who are facing similar struggles.

Mom Cindy is now a Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) working with individuals and families who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. And last November, the month of Erik’s birth, the family launched E. B. Rooster Guitars. “E. B.” is Erik’s initials. “Rooster” pays homage to Cindy’s father, who was a poultry veterinarian. The logo for the business is a design Erik created.

The Bloms contribute 10 percent of proceeds from the sale of every E. B. Rooster guitar and 100 percent of the proceeds from T-shirt sales to support addiction recovery. The Bloms are also currently launching Guitars that Care, a nonprofit organization to further their cause.

“We want to help others and their families the way our friends helped us care for our son,” Blom said. “We hope to remove the stigma so people who are battling (addiction) illnesses that are trying to kill them will not have to fight the stigma, too.”

“Addiction stole enough from us,” Mom Cindy adds.

We at the Schnellenberger Family Foundation applaud the efforts of the Bloms, and we also empathize. We too know what addiction can steal from a family, and we too continually honor the memory our own son Stephen.

But we also honor our son Tim, who’s become a shining example of what long-term recovery can do for a man — and for his family. And whose Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties does everything possible to ensure more and more families have the opportunity to honor their sons as we are fortunate to do — in life.

(This story comes courtesy of The Nashville Tennessean.)

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