The Schnellenberger Family Foundation was created to address the needs of an addict’s immediate family. It is well known that addiction is a family disease. It affects all those – parents, siblings, spouses, and children – that are close to the addict, and it affects them in many ways: emotionally, physically, and financially.

Tim Schnellenberger, owner of Healing Properties Sober Living and Recovery Boot Camp – both reputable and respected companies in South Florida, founded the Schnellenberger Family Foundation in early 2018 with his dad and mom, Howard and Beverlee Schnellenberger. (Howard Schnellenberger is a legendary American football coach with ties to the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami, University of Alabama, University of Louisville and Florida Atlantic University.)

Tim and his parents are not new to giving back to the recovery community. The SFF was created as an extension of the Stephen Schnellenberger Foundation for Sober Living, founded in 2009 in memory of Stephen Schnellenberger – brother of Tim, and eldest son of Howard and Beverlee.

The SFF’s mission is to support the needs of the addict’s family and it does so in thee ways: The Weekly Family Educational Webinar, Weekend Family Retreat and the Family Educational Summit.


Basic Training Family Edition Weekly Webinar

Recovery Boot Camp and the Schnellenberger Family Foundation are proud to present Basic Training Family Edition, a weekly educational webinar that corresponds to RBC clients’ Basic Training. The series is conducted by Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg and produced by Lead Basic Training Instructor David Zaiff. And its goal is to equip the family with the tools necessary to effect long-term recovery, for themselves as well as their loved ones.

Family Educational Weekend

Loved ones often feel overwhelmed, confused, angry, fearful and unsure as to what to do or how to handle their particular situation. The Weekend Family at Recovery Boot Camp is geared towards the needs of the immediate family members of Recovery Boot Camp's Clients. The intent of the Weekend Family program is to provide the family a complimentary weekend in South Florida with the addict, supporting him, and most importantly learning to be a force for healing and recovery. Recovery Boot Camp clients who have been in treatment for six weeks or more automatically qualify for the Weekend Family Retreat.

Family Educational Weekend Retreat

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation and Team Recovery Boot Camp take to the road for a comprehensive three-day Family Retreat combining the educational know-how of our Basic Training: Family Edition webinar series with the face-to-face insight gleaned from our Basic Training: Family Educational Weekend. In addition to the SFF hosts and RBC staff, the Family Summit features guest speakers, role-playing workshops, assessment tests, treatment seminars, group therapy sessions and a many more recovery-related activities. Click here for more information.

Message From Parents:

As parents of two sons who have faced addiction, we know that a supportive network and environment are essential to long term recovery. In our son Stephen's memory and in support of our son Tim, who has battled the disease for himself as well as for thousands of others he has helped, we invite you to touch the lives of those who are so vulnerable and truly need your help.
If you are the parent, sibling, spouse of friend of someone who is in a battle with addiction, know that our family walks this difficult path with you. You are not alone, we hope that your loved one will receive the necessary treatment and gets well.
We reach out to your compassion and empathy and ask you to make a difference for someone who has the courage to get well, yet needs our financial help. We are so proud of both our sons and every person who, touch by this disease, who has the courage to face their demons. We hope you join with us to help someone who needs us on their journey to win this battle.

Beverlee and Howard Schnellenberger

You are not alone, we hope that your loved one will receive the necessary treatment and gets well.

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